Our Programs
Our programs are specifically targeted toward students because we believe that they are the future leaders of a country. In order to better prepare students for this future responsibility, TFL is committed to laying a strong foundation by providing them with required tools and resources that will empower them to be productive and contribute to the advancement of technology in Liberia and Africa.
TFL will collaborate with administrators of various primary and secondary schools to ensure that existing curricula includes courses on basic and advanced computer skills. TFL will also create advanced courses and provide required training for faculty and staff.
  • Basic Computer Skills
    • e-Mail, word processing, excel, etc
    • Internet skills - search engines, building websites, etc
  • Advanced Computer Skills
    • Computer programming
    • Database development and administration
    • Multimedia Technology
    • Computer Networking - Building peer-to-peer network, local area network (LAN), etc
TFL will establish computer labs in primary, secondary, universities and other institutions of higher learning. These computer labs will provide the tools and resources that will afford students the opportunity to develop and improve their computer skills. The number of computers installed in each lab will depend on the population of a given school to ensure that there is an adequate ratio of students to computers. These labs will proxy as facilities for trainings and will also be opened to the general public during after school hours and non-school days so that local residents can have access to computing resources.
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