Technology for Liberia



Technology for Liberia (TFL) is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing students with tools and educational resources that will give them access to current technology and empower them to use and contribute to technology in Liberia and the world. Our aim is to build a foundation of computer network infrastructures for institutions of learning such as universities, polytechnics, colleges, primary and secondary schools.

Key Drivers

In Liberia today, more than 80% of students graduate from school without having the opportunity to use a computer in their classrooms. Faculties and staffs lack formal training in the use of computers and existing curricula do not include courses in Information Technology. Over 90% of the population of young men and women do not have access to computers and have not developed any computer skills.

Since students are the potential future leaders of a country and technology plays a vital role in advancing the economic, financial and healthcare systems of that country, it is essential that we lay a solid foundation for students and enable them to be competent and productive as they face future challenges

High Level Implementation Plan

TFL is committed to bridging the gap between Liberia, Africa and the rest of the world in the field of Information Technology. TFL has established a technology and education strategy comprises:

  1. Build computer network infrastructures by setting up computer labs in various institutions
  2. Develop appropriate Information Technology courses that will be integrated into schools’ curricula for all grade levels
  3. Develop appropriate training for faculties and staffs to increase their knowledge in Information Technology and make them proficient and effective in teaching students