Technology for Liberia


Liberia is a small country in West Africa that was established by a settlement of freed slaves from the US in 1847. In 1989, the country suffered a civil war that lasted for about 14yrs resulting in the destruction of the country’s infrastructure and leaving thousands displaced, dead and homeless. In January 2006, Liberia democratically elected its first female president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is also the first in the continent of Africa.

Now on the rise from this devastating crisis, Liberia has several challenges to address, of which includes inadequate educational provision in the school systems, poor health systems and unemployment which is probably the biggest problem in the country. Today, more than one third of the country’s population lives on less than a $1 a day. Thousands of people make a living by minor trading or day-laboring.

Area: 111,370 sq km
Population: 3,334,587 (July 2008 est.)
Unemployment: 85% (2003 est.)
Life expectancy of the total population: 41.13 years
HIV/AIDS Prevalence: 5.9% (2003 est.)