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To build a foundation of computer network infrastructure that will be used as a tool in the educational system to develop the next generation of high-tech innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in Liberia.

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In Liberia today, more than 80% of students graduate from school without having the opportunity to use a computer in their classrooms. Faculties and staffs lack formal training in the use of computers and existing curricula do not include courses in Information Technology. Over 90% of the population of young men and women do not have access to computers and have not developed any computer skills.

Since students are the potential future leaders of a country and technology plays a vital role in advancing the economic, financial and healthcare systems of that country, it is essential that we lay a solid foundation for students and enable them to be competent and productive as they face future challenges. MORE »

Ebola Crisis Awareness and Donation Drive

Technology for Liberia is having an Ebola Crisis Awareness and Donation drive. If you'll like to get involved, please feel free to send us a message or contact Bortie Teh @ or (660) 238-0884. We are looking to collect any of the following items:

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